Sun protection when sailing

Sun protection - the sea produces lots of glare so sun glasses are advisable.

What to bring with you on a charter

If you are coming on a sailing charter trip you will need to bring your own waterproof clothes and footwear.

Clothing should be typically jeans, tee shirts and sweaters. A warm waterproof anorak or jacket is advisable. Some form of head gear is also a good idea.

Soft-soled foot wear such as trainers or deck shoes are essential. Wellington boots or waterproof sandals are advisable for shore trips when landing from the boat.

You will need your own sleeping bag and pillow case together with a blanket if you want one. We provide sheets/mattress covers and pillows.

Don’t forget sun protection. The sea will produce a lot of glare even when the sun is not out so sun glasses are also advisable. You will also need your own tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and shower gel, wash bag and towels. Bring soft bags for your gear as we do not have stowage for rigid bags or suitcases.

Wyvenhoe is well equipped with adult life jackets.